[MUSIC] Why hasn’t my new music gone live on release date?

We need at least 5 business days to guarantee processing new music before it goes live. If you delivered your music within 5 business days of the release date, you may not see it live until a few days afterwards.


If you delivered your music more than 5 business days before the release date, it’s best to reach out to your distributor as If you deliver your content via a distributor we will not be able to provide you with further information. If you need any help with your catalog, deliveries or anything else then please reach out to your distributor and they should be able to help you.


Tip: If any terms in here are unfamiliar, refer to the Spotify Service Level Guidelines. For info about metadata quality, refer to the Spotify Metadata Style Guide.



I’m a music provider

If you are a music distributor, there are some things to check in Spotify’s Catalog Manager also. If you don’t have access, you can see how to request access here.


Note: If you can’t see the release in the Catalog Manager, make sure the XML is valid by checking it against the XSD.   Then redeliver the content as an insert with full assets.   You can also look up the ingestion status in Sonar.   Please refer to Sonar User Guide for more information.



Things to check in Spotify’s Catalog Manager


1) Check the TRACKS tab.
If any music icons are grayed out or not appearing, there’s a transcoding issue.   Make sure the audio’s up to spec, then redeliver with full assets. For more info, check out the File Format section of the Spotify Onboarding Guidelines or refer to this help center article about the accepted formats of audio files.


2) Check the LIVE DATES tab.
Under the ACTIVE tab, make sure the release date/time is showing correctly, the start date has passed (or is unlimited), and the end date says unlimited (or is in the future).

If you see an end date or don’t see any dates, check the same info shows in both ACTIVE and DELIVERED tabs. If the info’s the same, the Track Level Rights weren’t delivered. Send an update including territorial rights for all tracks on the release.


Once the info shows correctly in the Spotify's Catalog Manager, your music should be live on Spotify within 5 business days. If your music still isn’t live, please reach out to content-ops+ingestion@spotify.com


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