[PODCAST] The audio/images in my show are not updating

When new audio or an image needs to be updated, please remember to update the <enclosure url> within the RSS Feed with a new file name so our systems will auto detect the metadata change. 

The <enclosure url> tag specifies the data needed for media to be ingested.

  • The url includes the file path which determines where your media filed is stored. 
  • The length includes the size (kb) of the file stated. 
  • The type includes the file format of the uploaded media. For audio assets, this can be either audio/mpeg or audio/x-m4a for example

If the <pubdate> tag is present for multiple episodes, please make sure the time set is at least an hour apart from the next episode. Once this is done, the update should reflect on Spotify within 24 hours.

Pro Tip: Please remember to clear your cache! Here is a guide how to clear cache on a device: 


If the above does not resolve the issue, please reach out to AVOD Ops providing the show URI, episode title and the RSS feed.

You can check Podcast Delivery Specification here to make sure the feed is compliant with our requirements.








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