[MUSIC] Why is my music still live after I sent a takedown

Refer to the sections below based on your role.   If you are a music creator/provider, go to "I'm a music creator/provider".     If you are music distributor, go to "I'm a music distributor".


I’m a music creator/provider

When you take a release down, it might still be accessible with a direct link. The tracks will be grayed out and unplayable. Some tracks may remain playable if there’s another version still live in that territory.


Tip: Each version of a track has a unique Spotify URI. Check which version you’re looking at by comparing URIs. To get the URI:

  1. Open the desktop app,

  2. Go to the track or release by searching with the title, or find it directly on the artist page.

  3. Right-click and select Share.

  4. Click Copy Spotify Link.


We need at least 2 business days to guarantee to process all updates and takedowns. If you still see it after this time, it’s best to reach out to your music distributor.



I’m a music distributor

Tip: If any terms in here are unfamiliar, refer to the Spotify Service Level Guidelines.


There are some things to check in Spotify’s Catalog Manager. If you don’t have access, you see how to request access here.


In Spotify's Catalog Manager, check the "LIVE DATES" tab in the release summary page.

Under ACTIVE, check the END date. An unlimited date means the takedown wasn't ingested by Spotify. Check the XML and send the takedown again.  Additionally depending on how you communicate takedowns you may see the dates removed from both START and END and replaced with “-”, this also means the takedown has been ingested.


When we receive your takedown, the music should be removed within 2 business days. If it isn’t, reach out to the Spotify Content Operations Ingestion team.

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