[MUSIC] My music release has the wrong number of tracks

Please note: This guide is for content providers only. If you deliver your content via a distributor, please reach out to them for help or check out our FAQ here.


I’m a music provider

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If your release has been delivered with fewer or more tracks than you expect, then you will not be able to issue an update or takedown to correct this.

Once a release is delivered to us, the track number and volume number is set, and any change to this structure will lead to the updates failing to ingest. Additionally we are unable to amend or correct this on our side and therefore advise you to deliver a correct release under a different primary identifier (commonly the UPC, EAN or GRID), and then remove the originally delivered release after track linking has taken place.


If the original release is now unworkable and you are not able to remove it, then please submit a support request to have the operations team remove it on your behalf.


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