[MUSIC] I want to deliver music as a PreRelease or Waterfall release(s)

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I’m a music provider

PreRelease / “Instant Grat”

Spotify does not support PreRelease “Instant Grat” release set ups. An “Instant Grat” is a multi track release where tracks go live at different date/times throughout the campaign. Instant-grat setups are not supported by Spotify. Releases delivered in this way will appear on the artist page with only X amount of tracks live and with no indication that it's a pre-order / pre-stream. This causes confusion for users and leads to many complaints that the release is 'broken'.  Followers receive a notification to tell them the release is released, when in fact it isn't.


Once the full release goes live, ie. remaining tracks are switched on, no further notification is sent to drive followers to the actual release on release day. Not only is this a bad experience for users, it's a bad marketing experience for the label and artist.

For this reason, we may take down releases that are delivered in this format. In order for single tracks to be available ahead of the full release release you will need to deliver them as separate single releases instead.



Spotify does support Waterfall releases. This type of delivery will allow the “latest release” on the artist page to be replaced by multiple releases over time as more tracks get released. In a waterfall release, each release will be treated separately, have separate URIs.  Rather than one release having tracks added to it (as that’s not possible), a series of different releases being released over a period of time.


The best way to do this is:

  1. Deliver release A (eg, Single 1) - release A goes live
  2. Delivery release B (Single 2 + Single 1) under a new UPC - release B goes live.  Please ensure track metadata for "Single 1" is an exact match to previously delivered releases.
  3. Tracklinking of release A - Single 1 and release B - Single 1 confirmed, Remove release A Etc…

In the example above, you should synchronise the end date/time of release A with the start date/time of release B.    As track linking process could take at least 72 hours, you must deliver B far in advance of its start date/time.


For any further information on this subject please reach out to the Content Operations team.

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