[MUSIC] I need help with a music Campaign and want to discuss the best way to deliver

Please note: This guide is for content providers only. If you deliver your content via a distributor, please reach out to them for help or check out our FAQ here.


I’m a music provider

Tip: If any terms in here are unfamiliar, refer to the Spotify Service Level Guidelines.


Note: The Operations team is not able to answer questions relating to editorial, promotion, marketing, algorithmical playlists, canvas, marquee, the pitch tool or social media.


However if you are working on a campaign and would like to seek advice on how to deliver the releases to support then please submit a support request for the Operations team.


You can do this by going to this form and selecting -


"Content Operations: Music Content Delivery & Ingestion Support"

"I need support with a product(s) that I WANT TO delivery"

"My question is about a specific or a small number of product(s)"

"I need help with a campaign and want to discuss the best way to deliver"


However, you may find this article regarding Waterfall releases of interest.


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