[MUSIC] I can see green dots in the Live Dates tab, but my music content isn’t live


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There are some things to check in Spotify’s Catalog Manager. If you require a new account set up for the Music CMS (Scatman) for yourself or for a team member then please submit a request by going to this form and selecting -


"Content Operations: Music Content Delivery & Ingestion Support"

"I need help with the Music CMS (Scatman)"

"I need a new Music CMS (Scatman) account set up for myself, or a member of my team": 


Seeing the “Green Dots” in the Live dates tab in Scatman does not indicate that content is live in that particular territory. The content may indeed be live provided the content was delivered in line with the SLG, however if you have not delivered your content inline with the SLG then you may still see the “Green Dots” on but the content may or may not be on the app.

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