[MUSIC] I want to get some training on Spotify Catalog Manager (Scatman)

Please note: This guide is for content providers only. If you deliver your content via a distributor, please reach out to them for help or check out our FAQ here.


I’m a music provider

Tip: If any terms in here are unfamiliar, refer to the Spotify Service Level Guidelines.


If you and your team already have access to the Spotify Catalogue Manager but you are worried that you are not making the most of it then please submit a request and a member of the Content Operations team will get back to you to set up some time to go through the tool.


Please submit a request by going to this form and selecting -


"Content Operations: Music Content Delivery & Ingestion Support"

"I need help with the Music CMS (Scatman)"

"I would like to arrange some training for myself or my team on the tool" 


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