[MUSIC] I want to upgrade my XML Version to deliver music content


If you want to upgrade your XML version that you deliver to us, say from DDEX 3.8 to DDEX 4 then you will need to connect with the team so that we can gather some tests from you to make sure everything is looking good on Spotify’s side before you begin deliveries. Please submit a request with the below information and a member of the Content Operations team will reach out to you to begin testing.


  1. SFTP Dropzone extension
  2. Current XML Version
  3. Desired XML Version
  4. Deadline for implementation


Additionally there are 6 tests that we would like to see when validating the latest DDEX version, and so if you wish you can begin to prepare them in advance to make your upgrading experience faster.


  1. Send an insert with a product type of 'album'
  2. Send an update to add a new territory to the same UPC and change the product type to 'ep'
  3. Send an update to set a global timed release for all tracks on the same UPC and change the product type to 'single'
  4. Send an update to remove streaming rights to track 1 on the same UPC and change the product type to 'compilation'
  5. Send a takedown for the whole product
  6. Send a second product to demonstrate your ability to communicate classical-music metadata: send an Insert with a genre of 'classical' under a different UPC

You can submit a request by going to this form and selecting -


"Content Operations: Music Content Delivery & Ingestion Support"

"I need support with the way I delivery my content to Spotify"

"I delivery my content via SFTP"

"I want to upgrade my XML version"

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