[MUSIC] My music release is on Spotify but it’s not live in some territories

Please note: This guide is for content providers only. If you deliver your content via a distributor, please reach out to them for help or check out our FAQ here.


I’m a music provider

Tip: If any terms in here are unfamiliar, refer to the Spotify Service Level Guidelines.


Please make sure all territories are reflecting in the CMS Live Dates. If they are reflecting correctly please make sure the insert and any additional rights adding in subsequent updates were delivered inline with the SLG. For more information on the SLG click here.


Check the LIVE DATEs tab in Spotify’s Catalog Manager.

Note: If you don’t have access, you can request access by going to this form and selecting -


"Content Operations: Music Content Delivery & Ingestion Support"

"I need help with the Music CMS (Scatman)"

"I need a new Music CMS (Scatman) account set up for myself, or a member of my team": 


If any of the territories are missing, have an end date, or the release appears to have been taken down and this contradicts the rights in your latest SLG compliant delivery, then please reach out to the content operations team here.


If there are missing territories or the release has takedown then please deliver an update to correct the rights we have. Once the info shows correctly in the Catalog Manager, your update should take effect within 2 business days. If it doesn’t, reach out to the Spotify Content Operations Ingestion team.

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