[MUSIC] What music genres do Spotify support?

Please note: This guide is for content providers only. If you deliver your content via a distributor, please reach out to them for help or check out our FAQ here.


Spotify does not currently use genre information from providers, although it may be ingested and used in the future. If the provider wishes to submit genre information the following rules apply.

1. This list of genres on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_popular_music_genres can be used as a reference. Keep in mind that the genre list could change at any time.
2. The first genre must be the best description for the content. A second genre is not always required, but it should be used when applicable.
3. Genres must be listed separately. Do not list more than one genre in the same field, such as “Dance/Electronic”.
4. Genres must be listed in English and must not list a translation of the genre.

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