[MUSIC] Find Spotify URI for music content

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A Spotify URI (Uniform Resource Indicator) is a link that you can find in the Share menu of any track, album, or Artist Profile on Spotify. URIs and URLs utilize the same internal code.


URL: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0RzrCzAYSu5ywiAVc10TT2

URI: spotify:artist:0RzrCzAYSu5ywiAVc10TT2

Both links share the same ID: 0RzrCzAYSu5ywiAVc10TT2 with different prefixes.


To find Spotify URIs for a release or a profile, follow these steps in the Desktop application (or the web player):

  1. Click to the three dots next to the artist name/album/track title
  2. Click 'Share' and then you can find 'Copy Spotify URI' using buttons below:
  • On Mac: using the control or option key when hovering over the share menu
  • On Windows: using the alt key when hovering over the share menu


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