[MUSIC] Where in Spotify SCatman do I check whether a batch of music update was ingested or not?

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I’m a music provider

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You can go to Spotify SCatman and look up the release in question by its Spotify Album URI or UPC/EAN.  In the release summary page, check in the "DELIVERIES" tab to see if the batch question appears in the "DELIVERY NAME" column or not.


If you have confirmed that the update has been delivered, and it is not appearing on the CMS then it is possible that the delivery failed. The quickest way to resolve this is to redeliver the release again as an update, and if it still is not appearing in the CMS within 4 hours of the batch completing the please raise a support request to the Operation team.


Note that once the delivery has been successfully ingested, it will reflect on Spotify inline with our SLG.

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