[PODCAST] Episode Metadata Requirements

If you encounter an episode which has been scheduled to go live but it is not on the client, please check the following: 

  1. Make sure that the <enclosure url> tag is present and complete in the feed
  2. Make sure that the duration and pubdate tag is formatted according to our delivery specification.
  3. Make sure that all content (media urls and feed) is compliant and up to our product delivery specification.
  4. Please check that the feed itself is accessible and all asset links can be viewed externally.
  5. Please check that we have successfully received the content as you should have an ep URI (not to be confused with the RSS feed URL).

Feel free to check the Podcast Delivery Specification here to make sure the RSS feed is up to our delivery requirements.

If the above is not an issue, please contact AVOD Ops who should be able to assist.

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