[PODCAST] I tried to submit a feed, but i am receiving an error?

For API submissions, If you receive an error when submitting a feed, the same feed url may exist in our system as we have a URI issued on our side. This could be due to a creator switching providers and wishing to access their content. 

This indicates that we may have ingested the feed before and we are blocking a ‘duplicate show’ URI being created. Our system will not allow you to submit the same feed url which is why you may be seeing this error.

If you think you are experiencing duplicate shows ie two URIs for the same show, please contact AVOD Ops with the following information:

  • Original URI
  • Correct Feed URL
  • Chosen URI you wish to keep (optional)

If we find a duplicate URI, we will mark the URI internally and remove the unwanted show on your behalf.

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