[PODCAST] How do I locate a show URI?

For all successful podcast deliveries on our platform, we issue our unique identifier: a URI (not to be confused with feed URL).

Once your show is live, you can locate the show URI when you right click on the show's share menu (located under the three dots on a show's homepage):


The URI can be extracted from the open link URL from the client (please note the relation below) eg:

Open Spotify Link URL: https://open.spotify.com/show/7______________________________v

Spotify Show URI: spotify:show:7_____________________________v.

Shortcut: hold down the OPTION (for mac) or CTRL (for windows) key when opening the share menu & clicking the copy show link button. 


Please note that we need the URI for all episodes or shows if you require further support for ingestion.

Please also state the if it is a show or episode URI when seeking further support to avod-ops@spotify.com.



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