[PODCAST] How do I locate a show or episode URI?

For all successful podcast deliveries on our platform, we issue our unique identifier: a show or episode URI (not to be confused with feed URL).

Once your show/episode is live, you can locate the show/episode URI when you right click on the share menu (located under the three dots on a shows/episodes page):


The URI can be extracted from the open link URL from the client (please note the relation below) eg:

Open Spotify Link URL: https://open.spotify.com/show/7______________________________v

Spotify Show URI: spotify:show:7_____________________________v.

Shortcut: hold down the OPTION (for mac) or CTRL (for windows) key when opening the share menu, you should see Copy show/episode URI button instead. 

Please note that we need the URI for all episodes or shows when you send support request.



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